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The crest informs the community of the rich heritage that has been gifted to the College. The crest is made up of the following elements:

The Tau - the Cross of St Francis of Assisi- St Francis had a strong commitment to the poor, he had a deep love a respect for his fellow man but also recognised God in all creation. Themes of inclusion, commitment to the poor, service, ecology and sustainability will be important themes for the College. tau
The Celtic Cross - The Cross of Blessed Edmund Rice- recognises Edmund's Irish heritage. Edmund Rice was transformed by injustice and was called to be a person of hope by providing a liberating education to the poor. His commitment to inclusion, service, love, justice and compassion will be key themes for the College. artistic-green-celtic-cross-illustration-typical-simple-62769963
The Heart - Christ dwells in our hearts. The College Motto calls on all members of the College community to be of 'Open Minds and Open Hearts'. The Heart as a symbol on our crest serves as reminder that we need to be people of inclusion, compassion and community. heart-1-small
The Star - A symbol of Christ's light at the centre of our lives. A symbol of hope. A symbol that recognises our links to the Diocese of Wollongong which uses the star in 'Lighting the Way'. star
The Circle - Reflective of the Eucharist as central to our faith. A symbol of gathering as community for Aboriginal people. Gathering and sharing stories. circle-small
Red - The colour of Christ's blood, a symbol of His passion for us. Red is the colour of mother Earth for Aboriginal people. Mother Earth sustains us. We are called to care for Earth and all living creatures. red-small
Blue - The colour associated with pure water, running rivers and streams. Life giving water. Water that cleanses us in baptism. blue-small
Green - Our crest transitions from an 'emerald green' reflecting that Edmund's Irish heritage through to a 'eucalyptus green' as the 'bush' is so often associated with life in Australia and the Australian story. Green is also important to Franciscan story. Green is often associated with the environment, ecology and sustainability. greens-small