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Pina Zerafa - Catholic Care Counsellor

Hannah Watter- Catholic Care

St Francis Catholic College has a partnership with CatholicCare Wollongong to provide counselling services for students who need support

What is the School, Student and Family Program (SSFP)?

CatholicCare SSFP counsellors promote the wellbeing and development of students to improve connectedness with their family and school community.  CatholicCare SSFP counsellors provide a professional service to students and families that is responsive to the needs of people from diverse backgrounds.


If you are going through a tough time you can talk it over with a SSFP counsellor.  Talking with a counsellor allows you to express yourself in a safe and private place to find ways to cope.

SSFP Counsellors can help:


Counselling can help students with:

  • relationships with family, peers or teachers
  • feelings, such as stress or anger
  • grief and loss such as the death of a loved one or separation of parents
  • bullying
  • anxiety and depression
  • self esteem and confidence
  • body image concerns
  • social skills


Students may have opportunities to participate in groups run by SSFP counsellors to support social and emotional wellbeing.

Supporting Schools

CatholicCare SSFP Counsellors collaborate with schools to:

  • empower students to effectively manage emotional and behavioural issues
  • assist families to meet the emotional needs of their child
  • respond to critical incidents
  • offer early intervention programs which support the emotional development of students
  • support whole-of-school approaches to managing bullying, positive behaviour and promoting mental health.


CatholicCare offers a professional and confidential counselling service.

CatholicCare works with people to make a difference in their lives by offering opportunities for hope, growth, healing and resilience.

CatholicCare is the social services agency of the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong.

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